Lock & Shop Program

With our Lock & Shop program, you can shop for a home without worrying about rising mortgage interest rates.

Buying a home can often be complicated and stressful. In order to reduce anxiety over rising interest rates, 1st Priority Mortgage offers a program called “Lock & Shop.” With this program, borrowers can lock in today’s low interest rate, providing potential homebuyers peace of mind while still looking for a home.

Typically, you need a purchase contract before you can lock in an interest rate on your mortgage. But with our new Lock & Shop program, you can get rate protection for up to 75 days! You’ll have 30 days* to find a home and execute a Sales Agreement, then you can use the remaining term of the lock to close on your property.

Our Lock & Shop program gives you the opportunity to save money, should interest rates continue to rise, and helps you manage your homebuying budget by letting you know that you’re pre-approved for a mortgage at a specific rate.

A 1st Priority Mortgage Consultant can provide you with more information about our Lock & Shop program. Get pre-qualified now to help us connect you to a mortgage consultant near you.

Get Pre-Qualified


*Borrower must provide executed sales agreement within 30 days. Offer of credit subject to credit approval.

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